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Bottles of beer


NE public & leading health experts back changes to alcohol labelling

New research released today suggests that the North East public would back Government plans to include health and nutritional information on alcohol products.

If you didn’t know a glass of wine can contain similar calories as a slice of pizza, or a pint of lager similar to a Mars Bar then you’re not alone – it’s not on the label. But there is strong support for having this information.

A new poll from YouGov asked the public what legal requirements they would like to see for alcohol labelling. The majority of those asked supported more information being included on labels including:

• 75% of people want the number of units in a product on alcohol labels
• 65% of people want calorie information on alcohol labels
• 53% of people want the amount of sugar on alcohol labels

In addition, 74% of people in the North East support including the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk weekly guidelines of up to 14 units on alcohol labels (separate survey of 911 people in the North East by Balance).

The findings come on the same day that a group of 94 leading health experts, including charities, medical royal colleges and academics, as well as MPs, have written to the Health Secretary calling for better alcohol labelling.

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